Familynet available for free for all care homes, because family cannot visit now

These are strange times. You are not allowed to visit your partner, father, mother, grandfather or grandmother in the care home because of the coronavirus. Familynet offers a solution with a communication tool for care homes.

Every client has a secure Facebook-like page where care workers share messages with the entire family of clients. This way everyone is informed and everyone knows how their loved ones are doing.

Normally we offer Familynet in subscription form. We now offer Familynet free for 4 months to care homes that do not yet have a Familynet. You can simply stop again afterwards. We have to help each other, hopefully this will support you, the care workers and the family who are not allowed to visit now.

Familynet is already used at more than 800 care homes.

Open your Familynet domain today (only for care homes). You only need a internet connection so you can start right away.

Or email to if you have any questions.

Why use Familynet during this corona crisis?

  1. Easily share practical information, for example about the coronavirus, with all family members.
  2. Safely share beautiful photos and videos of the client, which is greatly appreciated by the family because they can visit less or not at all.
  3. Use the “Groupmessage” to share a message with dozens of family members at a time, useful during these busy times.

As soon as you have started you will receive digital folders in your email for family and employees so that you can inform everyone about this.

Thank you for your amazing work and good luck in the times ahead!

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